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Wlislocki Henrik Roma Student College (WHSz)

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In 2001, the Department of Romology launched the Wlislocki Henrik Student College with support from the European Union's pre-accession (PHARE).

The aim of the WHSz is to bring together Roma/Gypsy students attending the various faculties and departments at the University of Pecs as well as those who are interested in Roma studies and Roma culture.

In addition to building research skills, the WHSz also strongly reinforces community development and social responsibility and is run based on the principle of inclusivity.

Throughout the implementation of the project, a major focus was on building inclusivity in order to achieve a more tolerant society.


The WHSz has operated for 15 years and today its inclusive complex model is well-described and documented (see Varga, 2015).

Looking toward the future, this project seeks to jointly review, improve and prepare a methodological description together with its international partners in order to facilitate international adaptation of the university model.


With the support of a significant EU fund, the WHSz launched a scholarship program from 2013-2015.


It is important to mention that two pillars provided the backbone for this program: the University of Pécs and the NGO Számá dă Noj Association, with its long standing history of community empowerment. These two pillars complement each other: while the university's background provides opportunities for inclusion into higher education, the NGO provides a vivid relationship between the local Roma/ Gypsy communities and the students; student volunteering opportunities are essential in the WHSz program. Through these two pillars, research, training, practice and application are supported in significant ways.

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